This delicious recipe is a low calorie version of a traditional corn & crab bisque! It is perfect for a cold winter day! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Pumpkin muffins with dark chocolate chips & Pecans

This is the perfect breakfast to make on the weekend and grab a muffin for breakfast on your way out the door! It is made with fresh pumpkin puree, dark chocolate chips, and pecans! You can also use this recipe to create a pumpkin loaf of bread! FULL RECIPE HERE

Mixed Berry & Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is one of my go-to recipes. I use frozen mixed berries that I usually buy in a big bag. I also love my Ninja blender because it takes one minute to blend all of the ingredients together. I just push my ON button and walk away. When I come back, it is done mixing. CLICK FOR RECIPE

Tomato & Bell Pepper Omelet

This omelet tastes amazing, and it only takes about 5 minutes total make! To make it even better, this omelet has only 280 calories! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Turkey, egg, & Cheese English Muffin

This recipe is simple and uses sliced turkey breast, eggs, and Swiss cheese on a 100% whole wheat English Muffin! If you need a breakfast to grab and go, this is one you can prep on the weekends and have all week long! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Grilled chicken salad with mango salsa

This is an easy-to-make salad that uses my mango salsa recipe in it! It’s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner or when you just feel like eating a salad! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Tortellini Spinach Soup

If soup is one of your favorite things to eat this winter, this is the perfect dish for you! This tortellini spinach soup is meatless and uses 5 cheese tortellini pasta! In roughly 1 hour, you can have this delicious meal done for your family!  CLICK FOR RECIPE

Navy Bean Soup

This is a recipe that you can use instead of making traditional white beans over rice! It's full of flavor and makes a pot full that you can eat throughout the week or freeze and save for a later date! FULL RECIPE HERE

Arugula Crab Salad

This delicious and healthy salad takes 5 minutes to make and has tomatoes, red onions, black olives, crab meat, feta cheese, spring mix, and arugula mix!  CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

TERIyaki Salmon with mango

This delicious salmon takes only 30 minutes to marinate and 20 minutes to bake! It is so good you’ll want to make this a weekly dish in your home. CLICK FOR RECIPE

Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Manicotti with Grilled Chicken

Manicotti is a type of pasta that you can stuff with different food items. This recipe uses ricotta cheese and spinach for the stuffing! CLICK FOR RECIPE


This is a meatless, delicious, vegetable soup that takes 4 hours in the crockpot, which takes the work out of cooking for you! This is great for a cold night or for any day where you want soup! CLICK FOR RECIPE


This delicious chili is perfect for a cold day! This recipe substitutes ground turkey for ground meat, but tastes just like a normal chili! You can either make your only chili seasoning with this recipe or buy a packet of chili seasoning! CLICK FOR RECIPE

oven baked chicken fajitas 

This is a recipe for chicken fajitas, but instead of slaving over the stove, you simply have to pop them in the oven. This is a really easy recipe! All you need for this recipe is 1 lb chicken thighs, taco seasoning, 3 bell peppers, and 1 onion! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Berry & Feta Cheese salad with blush wine vinaigrette dressing

This quick and easy salad takes around 5 minutes or less to make and can be used for at home salads or pre-made for a ready-to-go lunch for work! With a mixture of berries and feta cheese it is sure to be a go-to recipe! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Oven "fried" chicken nuggets

These chicken nuggets have the tastiness and crispiness of fried chicken nuggets, but are "fried" in the oven by baking them! These are quick and easy to make too! CLICK FOR RECIPE

skinny crockpot Hawaiian chicken

This is a low calorie version of traditional Hawaiian Chicken, but keeps the flavor that you'd expect with this type of dish! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Grilled shrimp tacos with cilantro-lime yogurt drizzle

This entire meal takes around 20-30 minutes to prepare. The coriander seasonings give the shrimp a sweet taste and the drizzle gives it a hint of tang. It is perfect for a weeknight where you are looking to throw stuff together! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are notorious for tasting bitter and being on the list of vegetables that most people don’t eat because of the taste. This recipe combines honey, olive oil, and crushed red pepper which gives the brussels sprouts a sweet taste and an amazing flavor. CLICK FOR RECIPE

Homemade Pecan Butter

This pecan butter is made with only 3 ingredients! It is a perfect replacement for peanut or almond butter. You can have homemade pecan butter in around 40 minutes at your home!  CLICK FOR RECIPE

Cauliflower Slaw

If you love cauliflower, then you'll love this recipe! With only 5 ingredients, it is easy to make. It takes only 30 minutes to make this side dish and you'll be waiting on it to chill in the fridge for 25 minutes, which means only 5 minutes of actual cooking and prepping!  CLICK FOR RECIPE

Sweet potato & Black bean quinoa

This quinoa recipe is so delicious and has so many different flavors that you are sure to love! With rosemary, thyme, and allspice, you will taste the fall in this recipe. In only 30 minutes, you'll have an amazing side dish for your meal!  FULL RECIPE HERE

15 minute baked sweet potato

Perfectly baked sweet potatoes in only 15 minutes! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Southwest Corn

Like your food with a little kick to it? This is a recipe for you! A blend of corn, peppers, and feta cheese make this recipe one for the books! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Frozen Pineapple Whip

A recipe you and your family will love for a light dessert in under 5 minutes! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Dark Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries

This delicious snack is done in under 5 minutes and combines both dark chocolate chips and fresh raspberries. You couldn't ask for an easier recipe! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Honey Roasted Granola with Freeze-dried Strawberries

Making homemade granola seems like such a difficult thing to do, and it also seems very time-consuming. This recipe takes only 30 minutes from start to finish and has only 7 ingredients! You can use this as a snack or add it to yogurt as a topping instead of buying granola from the store! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Skinny Apple Dip

This recipe uses my homemade pecan butter and Greek yogurt to make a delicious and healthy dip for apples! It is done in under 5 minutes and tastes amazing! FULL RECIPE HERE

White chocolate Mocha

This is my go-to coffee every morning, and it takes around 3 minutes to make this, which is perfect for those rushed mornings! No more waiting in the line at Starbucks! It also will save you a lot of calories compared to going to a coffee shop and getting the same drink. CLICK FOR RECIPE