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Meet Stephanie:

Welcome to Nutrition Savvy Dietitian! My name is Stephanie, and I am a registered dietitian! I have a Master's Degree in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University Chicago. I completed my dietetic internship from the University of Houston and my Bachelor's in Dietetics from Nicholls State University.

Currently, I am an instructor of dietetics and allied health. Previously, I worked as a weight loss dietitian for LSU's research center for a study that is now published in a major journal! I am also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Nutrition Savvy Dietitian has been my "baby" since 2017. On my site, you'll find a wide variety of information from  cooking tips to weight loss advice to healthy recipes. I want you to have a one-stop-shop for all things nutrition. 

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Below you'll find "10 Things to Know About Me." Because I know reading about everyone's background can be boring and everyone seems the same, keep reading below for more information about me!

10 Things to Know About Me
  1. I was born and raised in South Louisiana and still currently live here too!
  2. I have two sons - ages 8 and 6.
  3. I'm a momma to two deaf boys. Yep! You read that right. Both of my kiddos were born with hearing loss. Both of  my boys have cochlear implants and I could write a book on everything that has happened with their hearing aids and cochlear implants over the past 6 years. Boys are ROUGH.
  4. I have completed so many 5k's in my lifetime. They have one in my town that you go up a bridge and through the tunnel. I still don't know which one was harder to do because the tunnel is *supposedly* haunted.  I also did ONE  Savage Race in Georgia when it was like 35 degrees outside. NEVER AGAIN. I like to consider myself a healthy and in-shape individual. Let me tell you something - there is nothing fun about going under mud and water at 35 degrees. I couldn't feel my fingers or toes by the end of it. Oh, it was supposed to be 70 degrees but a *miraculous* cold front came through. Good news is that I actually finished it, sprained ankle and all!
  5. I HATE avocados. One thing you will never see my site have in a recipe is avocados. I know they are a healthy fat - but I have to eat what I cook, and I just don't like avocados.
  6. I played volleyball for 11 years and it is still my favorite sport.
  7. I actually love cooking, but I hate doing dishes. Talk about a problem there.
  8. My favorite snacks are dark chocolate and raspberries and chocolate chip cookie dough!
  9. I'm terrified of wasps! I used to be scared of all bugs until I was given two boys that love collecting every creature known to exist.
  10. I was an EXTREMELY picky eater as a child. My mawmaw would strain all of the vegetables out of her delicious meals because I would refuse to eat it. We laugh about it now.

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