September 14, 2018

Facebook always has an advertisement for some pill, wrap, shake, or other item that will quickly get your weight off if you use it. Is this true? Is there this one thing you can do to lose weight? Here's an explanation on how to lose weight and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

October 4, 2018

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Learn how to set realistic goals so that you can lose the weight no matter what season it is! Click below to learn about how to set these goals so that you can stick to your plan!

Jun 9, 2018

Looking for a healthier version of your typical alfredo? This recipe adds spinach, low fat cheese, and skim milk to give you an alfredo, but with healthier ingredients.

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"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health."




Fish tacos are a staple at practically every restaurant and are so delicious and healthy for you too! Now you can make these delicious recipes at home! These fish tacos use blackened fish topped with pico de gallo and broccoli slaw! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE



Cajun shrimp and grits is a delicious meal that you can eat at any time of the day! You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! What make it even better - it takes only 30-40 minutes to make this recipe! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE



This delicious smoothie will give you a morning burst of energy or energy before you go work out! Made with fresh blueberries, oranges, grapes, Greek Yogurt, and chia seeds, you are sure to love this recipe! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

3 tips to stop mindless eating

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating late at night or in the middle of the day? Do you reach for the cookies and chips when you are bored and at home? If this is you, these 3 tips will help you to stop mindlessly eating! READ MORE

Kitchen conversion chart

Have you ever found yourself reading a recipe without having a way to convert the measurements to the amount you need? Here is a quick and easy guide for you to use if you have had these problems! READ MORE

Lifestyle Medicine: Healthy Eating

Did you know that 2/3 of all diseases are from lifestyle choices? The ROOT cause – POOR EATING HABITS. Imagine if you changed your entire lifestyle. This is where lifestyle medicine comes in! READ MORE

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes has become an epidemic in America. Obesity and being overweight are risk factors for having diabetes, and we've seen an increase in both! The good news is that by living a healthy lifestyle and managing diabetes, you can live longer and happier life with diabetes! READ MORE

Grocery Shopping Tips

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to grocery shopping, and most of us think that we know what we should be doing. Here's some ways to help you with your grocery shopping! READ MORE

Decreasing Fat in Recipes

Cooking with fat – whether it is butter, lard, or oil adds a lot of calories to any recipe.  You can also have added fat from meat depending on the cut or type of meat. An easy way to cut calories in a recipe is to cut the amount of fat. Below are some tips that can help you cut the amount of fat and make food healthier as well. READ MORE

The Dietitian's Guide to Carbohydrates

Are you worried about carbs being bad for you or wondering what a carb is - here is the guide for you! READ MORE

Eating at dine-in restaurants

Eating at restaurants, whether it is a dine-in restaurant or a fast food restaurant can be challenging, especially when you are trying to eat the right kinds of food. READ MORE

Meal Prepping for Beginners

The list is endless of why we don’t cook or feel like cooking when we get home – most of which is time! This is where meal prepping comes in handy! I’m sure you’ve heard this term before and it sounds intimidating, especially..READ MORE

Shrimp Scampi

This delicious and healthy shrimp scampi recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner that takes around 30 minutes from start to finish. This recipe adds some vegetables by adding in an orange bell pepper and tomatoes. CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

crawfish etouffee

Crawfish Etouffee is a traditional southern dish that is made with a roux, lots of vegetables, and crawfish. It is served over rice and so delicious! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

The best green smoothie

This delicious green smoothie will give you the perfect pick-me-up in the morning or in the afternoon when need that little boost of energy. It is full of vegetables but tastes sweet! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Skinny Corn & Crab Bisque

This delicious recipe is a low calorie version of a traditional corn & crab bisque! It is perfect for a cold winter day! CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Pineapple & Banana Smoothie

This easy and healthy smoothie will be a go-to recipe! And to make it even better, there are only 5 ingredients and you add them to a blender and you're done! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Dark Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries

This delicious snack is done in under 5 minutes and combines both dark chocolate chips and fresh raspberries. You couldn't ask for an easier recipe! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Arugula Crab Salad

This delicious and healthy salad takes 5 minutes to make and has tomatoes, red onions, black olives, crab meat, feta cheese, spring mix, and arugula mix. CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

healthy pumpkin muffins

This healthy pumpkin muffin recipe is the perfect breakfast to make on the weekend and grab a muffin for breakfast on your way out the door! It is made with fresh pumpkin puree, dark chocolate chips, and pecans! You can also use this pumpkin recipe to create a healthy pumpkin loaf of bread! FULL RECIPE HERE

White chocolate Mocha

This is my go-to coffee every morning, and it takes around 3 minutes to make this, which is perfect for those rushed mornings! No more waiting in the line at Starbucks! It also will save you a lot of calories compared to going to a coffee shop and getting the same drink. CLICK FOR RECIPE

Mixed berry & Spinach Smoothie

To make this smoothie, you need 1 cup of fresh spinach, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, and 1/2 cup of water. You put all of this in your blender and mix until smooth. Your smoothie is done! FULL RECIPE HERE

turkey, egg, and cheese english muffin

This recipe is simple and uses sliced turkey breast, eggs, and Swiss cheese on a 100% whole wheat English Muffin! If you need a breakfast to grab and go, this is one you can prep on the weekends and have all week long! FULL RECIPE HERE

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are notorious for tasting bitter and being on the list of vegetables that most people don’t eat because of the taste. This recipe combines honey, olive oil, and crushed red pepper which gives the brussels sprouts a sweet taste and an amazing flavor. FULL RECIPE HERE

Homemade Pecan Butter

This pecan butter is made with only 3 ingredients! It is a perfect replacement for peanut or almond butter. You can have homemade pecan butter in around 40 minutes at your home!  CLICK FOR RECIPE

Honey Roasted Granola

This easy honey granola recipe is so easy to make and only takes 30 minutes to make from start to finish and has only 7 ingredients! You can use this healthy granola recipe as a snack or add it to yogurt as a topping instead of buying granola from the store! CLICK FOR RECIPE

Easy Cauliflower Slaw

If you love easy cauliflower recipes, and are looking for a new recipe then you'll love this cauliflower recipe! With only 5 ingredients, it is so easy to make! It takes only 30 minutes to make this delicious cauliflower slaw dish and you'll be waiting on it to chill in the fridge for 25 minutes, which means only 5 minutes of actual cooking and prepping! This side dish is perfect with any meal!  CLICK FOR RECIPE

Spinach Tortellini Soup

If soup is one of your favorite things to eat this winter, this spinach tortellini soup is perfect for you! This spinach tortellini soup is meatless and uses 5 cheese tortellini pasta! In roughly 1 hour, you can have this delicious soup done for your family! FULL RECIPE HERE

Navy Bean Soup

This easy navy bean soup recipe is a great way to use white beans instead of making traditional white beans over rice! This recipe is full of flavor and makes a pot full of navy bean soup that you can eat throughout the week or freeze and save for a later date! FULL RECIPE HERE

Chicken Salad

Looking for a healthy chicken salad recipe that is also delicious? Look no further than this recipe! This delicious chicken salad recipe is made with Pico de Gallo, chicken, and lemon juice! Try this recipe out for a quick weeknight dinner or Sunday afternoon lunch.FULL RECIPE HERE

Grilled Chicken mango salad

This easy and healthy grilled chicken mango salad is so delicious! It has homemade mango salsa in the salad! It’s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner! FULL RECIPE HERE

Sweet potato & Black bean quinoa

This delicious sweet potato and black bean quinoa recipe is so delicious and has so many different flavors that you are sure to love it! With rosemary, thyme, and allspice, you will taste the fall in this recipe. In only 30 minutes, you'll have an amazing sweet potato side dish for your meal!  FULL RECIPE HERE

Skinny shrimp stew

This delicious Southern shrimp stew is a traditional dish, but this recipe is a made with a dry roux so it is low calorie! You will enjoy eating every bite of this skinny shrimp stew! FULL RECIPE HERE

Frozen Pineapple whip

This delicious frozen pineapple whip recipe is done in under 5 minutes and only has 2 ingredients! This recipe is the perfect dessert that is also healthy for you! Try it and I'm sure you'll be wondering why you never made it before now! FULL RECIPE HERE

Skinny Apple Dip

This skinny apple dip recipe uses my homemade pecan butter, cinnamon, and Greek yogurt to make a delicious and healthy dip for apples! This apple dip is done in under 5 minutes and tastes amazing! FULL RECIPE HERE

Best ab workout

This exercise workouts your abs, butt, and legs all in one smooth motion. Check out this exercise to add it to your routine. READ MORE


Exercise. That’s what people expect you to do, but don’t tell you how to fit it in your busy schedule. Between work, kids, and (possibly) even school, it is hard to find time to get in any exercise for most people. READ MORE

How many steps should i take daily?

One of the most common problems in America right now is the lack of exercise or any physical activity. It can cause an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The good news is that you can change how much activity you do everyday. READ MORE

circuit training

There are so many different ways to use resistance training and add it to your exercise routines. One of the most efficient ways to add resistance training is by using circuit training. It is quicker than traditional resistance training, and burns a lot of calories in just a short amount of time! READ MORE