Meal Prepping

In In the Kitchen by stephanieauthement

Mondays are the worst day of the week for me. I just went back to work from the weekend and the last thing I want to do is cook a big meal. That requires chopping, dicing, boiling, baking, and then serving. YUCK! I do not have the time every day of the week to dice my onions, marinate my meat, chop my meat and other veggies, and THEN actually cook it. That would take up 2-3 hours everyday and take away my time from my kids. So what most people would do in this situation is buy frozen meals or eat out. One is full of sodium and the other CAN be good for you or it can be Calorie dense.

To help me with this problem, I usually spend my time on Sunday’s to go grocery shopping for the week – sometimes with a list – and then coming home and cutting my vegetables, marinating my meat, washing and cutting fruit and putting them all into containers.

Today was spent barbecuing with the family so there wasn’t too much prepping that I did, but I did cut up my fruit for the week.

I love mixed berries. Strawberries. Blueberries. Raspberries. Blackberries. All berries. I used to let them go to waste though. These little containers were not good for me. Because I still had to wash them and then take them out of the container and put it in another bowl.Because  I hated doing that, they would sit in my fridge until they turned rotten. Totally a waste of money and food.

To eliminate the waste, I now wash and cut and put in containers mixed together.

 This also helps my kids eat them. I don’t have to give them calorie filled snacks that provide no nutrition. If the kids want a snack right away, they can go grab a container and munch of some fruit. The husband can grab this and simply give it to the kids too.

 This would be the end result of spending 10 minutes prepping. But this doesn’t just apply for fruits. It can be done with vegetables and meat.

Ultimately meal prepping can save you time during the week to cook your meals. Meal prepping is what you make of it too. The more you do on your “prep” day the less you have to do when you cook.