Holiday Eating

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It’s the holidays. We all eat too much and then complain of gaining too much weight! I know for the longest time I would overeat for the holidays and then HATE when my clothes were too tight. How dare that extra cake cost me my good clothes from fitting! (Haha)

Then the lightbulb went off! So the dietitian in me said use smaller items to serve on. So that’s what I do with my meals and especially around holidays!

One of my ultime favorites is dirt cake, which is relatively simple- but SOO high in calories. So I make little modifications – low fat cool whip, low fat milk, and reduced fat cream cheese. While it doesn’t really change MUCH, at least I am lowering down the calories and fat a little bit. And if my picture up above didn’t indicate it, those cups are smaller than the palm of my hand.


So here are some tips to help eat what you want and to help keep the pounds off for the holidays.

Do eat what you want – but just do smaller portions. Now when I say smaller portions I’m not talking about a bite size OR a spoon fool less. Use your judgement. How much do you usually eat and downside it.

Next is to use smaller plates, smaller bowls, and smaller cups. This helps you eat smaller portions!

Don’t snack on desserts or other carbohydrates all day. That’s a plan for disaster! It’s mindless eating that can pack on the pounds. Even drinking that extra can of coke at 140 calories each can start to add up. It takes burning 3,500 calories just to LOSE ONE POUND! Equate that to all of those extra calories from your food.

So overall, you can still have what you want – but just tone it down a bit.

Until next time!